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Large butterfly pendant with Royston turquoise and mahogany-colored spiney oyster shell by the artist known as Chimney Butte.



 "Chimney Butte" is a real person and a real character indeed.  The Drifter had been hearing about the artist known as Chimney Butte for awhile.  Skeptical, the Drifter was determined to meet the person  responsible for creating some very attractive jewelry the Drifter had seen on his own customers, and he made a concerted effort to search him out (see pics below).  Whom the Drifter found was a true dedicated artist/silversmith, and a person who appears to be guided by spiritualist principles.  He is big as a butte and learned his chops early in his career when he lived near Dilkon, Arizona from the late legend, Tommy Singer, and other members of the Singer family.  He claims half-Comanche/half-Anglo lineage, and is married into the Santa Domingo tribe (just south of Santa Fe).  This guy is larger than life and belongs in a chapter of the Drifter's book.  His dedicated following in the movie industry includes some of the cast from the "Hateful Eight;" Brooke Shields, and quite a few others.  And, his jewelry ain't bad either.  Pictured is a beautiful butterfly with Royston, Nevada turquoise; Sterling silver and Royston bead accents and a centerpiece of mahogany-colored spiney oyster shell.   It is a Monarch with a 3.5-inch wingspan and a giant bale that will suit  beads, etc.  Weight is 2.67-ounces.  Hallmarked "Chimney Butte."  Ships with an 18" solid Sterling silver box chain.  Look for other pieces made by this artisan that will be posted in this section as well.