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Large multi-stone Navajo pendant with 20-inch Navajo pearls. #1319

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Here is as larger, well-made nine-stone pendant that, elsewhere, might cost more than the price here for both the pendant AND a 5mm, 22-inch burnished Sterling silver Navajo pearl beaded chain.  They both are high quality or we wouldn't offer them.  Not counting the bale, the pendant is 2.25-inches tall, and 2-inches wide.  It has six turquoise stones from various U.S. mines; a piece of black onyx; rose quartz, and an orange spiney-oyster shell centerpiece.  The inside diameter of the bale is 9/16ths-inches.  Weight of the pendant alone is 39-grams, or 1.37-ounces.  Hallmark stamp is a "K," which is the hallmark for Kenneth Jones, Navajo.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.