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Large Navajo Sterling pendant necklace set with No. 8 Mine turquoise, by Gilbert Tom.—SOLD!



SOLD!  Well, the Drifter brought back three of these big hand-picked neckpieces made by Mr. Tom, and the first one sold almost immediately upon posting.  We could raise the price and slow things down, but that's not what High Plains Jewelry is all about.  Had to do some wrangling to get all three.  This one has what is being referred to as the "new" No. 8 Mine turquoise stones.  The story goes that, although the mine closed in 1978, there were sacks of No. 8 turquoise set aside after the death of the prior owner of the mine that were the subject of litigation of the estate, and are now being put into circulation.  If that's the case the Drifter would like to make an offer for the entire lot!  Anyway, what you have here is another very serious piece of Navajo wearable art made by one of the best silversmiths alive.  And a few months ago he was barely alive.  We in the business are so grateful for his recovery.  Full length of it is 24-inches, but the makeup of the two lower-hanging pendants results in it hanging roughly 16-inches-or-so from the back of the neck to the bottom when worn. Those biggest pendants are 2.25-inches long, by 1.5-inches wide.  Note the matching earrings in the basket that are part of the set.  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."