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Large Navajo Sterling silver pendant necklace sets (w/matching earrings) by Gilbert Tom.



Price is per piece.  Note: The one in the middle has SOLD.  The Drifter just acquired these while currently on the road, and will post them singularly (and with the matching earrings) as soon as he gets back—which will be the last of April. They are very, very nice.  The left one contains the new No. 8 Mine turquoise; the middle one has the ribbon, or boulder, turquoise, and the lariat-style  one on the right has Kingman, Arizona turquoise.   They are made with Sterling silver (as is everything we offer) finished in the "old-style" patina.  The artist is almost finished with yet another one with beautiful ribbon (boulder) turquoise as well.  NOTE: The price above is for any ONE of your choice ($1,975 EACH).  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."