Large Ray Jack Kachina face inlay pendant.

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Another great deal on a superlative example of Native American art.  Make that wearable Native American art.  Ray Jack is famous for his inlay work.  So is his son Michael Jack.  Counting the bale with the turquoise setting, it is 3 and 3/8th's inches long!  Not counting the bale the pendant itself is 2.5-inches.  That's a large palette on which to create a magnificent night-time scene on black onyx, including Sterling silver stars; rainbow-colored feathers and what we discern as a Kachina face with eyes and head-dressing.  It weighs 43-grams, or one-and-a-half-ounces.  And, it ships with an 18-inch, solid Sterling silver box chain.  Barely perceivable in the pic is an optional set of 8mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling Navajo pearls.  Adding this option will add $150—which is quite a savings over buying the pearls by themselves.  Call or text if interested in adding the pearls and we'll change the price above to reflect the upgrade.  Also, we have several other sizes and lengths of Navajo pearls as well.  This artwork is signed by Pablo Picasso—no, wait…I'm sorry, it is signed "RAY JACK!"  Always complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.