• Large Ray Jack "night sky" inlay pendant (shown w/optional burnished Sterling 'pearl' bead necklace. SOLD! #2172

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    SOLD!  This is the last of our large 'night sky' pendants made by Ray Jack that we acquired some time back, pre-covid.  We used to buy a lot of these night sky pendants by Ray, and some by his son, Michael, as well.  We're glad we did.  Since then, prices of Native American jewelry has soared, and in some cases, quality has diminished..  This piece would cost us a heckuva lot more today.  It's perfect to wear on the deck of the Queen Mary II during a full moon on a trans-Atlantic crossing--with the moon's reflection on the water forming a light beam leading right-up to the vessel. Oh my!  Watch that champagne intake!  This quarter-inch-thick pendant is almost three-inches longnot counting that large bale—set with a piece of Sleeping Beauty turquoise.  It's an inch-and-a-half across at the widest point—with lots of Sterling 'stars' and a Kachina figure in-between.  There's also a large arrow-shaped piece of orange spiney-oyster shell near the bottom portion that really accentuates the effect.  Weight is a very respectable 42-grams, or 1.48-ounces.   This delightful work of art is priced without a chain.  The pictured 8mm, 20-inch Sterling 'Navajo pearl' bead chain is an additional $150 if bought with the pendant.  Call or text prior to purchase to exercise this option and we will change the price above to reflect the inclusion of the bead chain.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  "Starry, starry night"