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Large satin-finish Dry Creek turquoise cuff.



If this knockout piece was sized slightly larger it would be part of the Drifter's estate someday!  It has a beautiful large piece of Dry Creek turquoise with lots of spider-web matrix (we don't like boring stones with no matrix, do we?) and a nice satin finish on the sterling that took a lot of the silversmith's time to create.  It feels good and looks good on either a man or a woman.  The size would be a small man's or a medium-to-large woman's wrist size at 7 inches.  Weight is good at 110 grams, or 3.9 ounces.  Its widest point is 1.75 inches. Hallmarked with "C.MTZ" inside an arrowhead.  One of those pieces that the Drifter kinda hates to see go.  Maybe he can lose some weight 'til it fits.