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Large heavy silver, satin-finish Dry Creek turquoise cuff.



If this knockout piece was sized slightly larger it would be part of the Drifter's estate someday!  It has a beautiful large piece of Dry Creek turquoise with lots of spider-web matrix (we don't like boring stones with no matrix, do we?) and a nice satin finish on the sterling that took a lot of the silversmith's time to create.  It feels good and looks good on either a man or a woman.  The size would be a small man's or a medium-to-large woman's wrist size at 7 inches.  Weight is good at 110 grams, or 3.9 ounces.  Its widest point is 1.75 inches. Hallmarked with "C.MTZ" inside an arrowhead.  One of those pieces we hate to see leave.