Large (size 10.5) Navajo pedi-point cluster ring with 17 real—not "block"—Sleeping beauty turquoise stones, by Jesse Williams.


These pedi-point cluster rings are popular now.  They've never been UNpopular.  Everybody's wearing 'em.  And most have compressed "block" turquoise settings.  It's unmistakeable once you've seen one of the blocks from whence they are made.  Block turquoise is made from all the shavings, bits and pieces resulting from cutting and grinding down various real turquoise stones.  All those pieces are put int a machine that finely pulverizes everything; adds a binding agent, and compresses all of it into a compressed "block" that can be sold a lot cheaper than actual turquoise stones.  The block can be cut into or sliced to make the settings.  A colorant can be added to even create a matrix.  In jewelry, these block stones will always be polished very smooth with no imperfections.  Anyway, here you can see how real, actual, stones appear.  This beautiful ring will fit someone with a ring size of 10.5.  It is large, at 2-inches long.  Very Impressive.  Weight is another thing.  So-called block turquoise is lighter than the real deal.  This rings weighs a respectable 9.7-grams, or .34-ounces.  Hallmarked "JMW."  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.