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Large Sterling pendant with Kingman turquoise and red coral by Chimney Butte.



This is another eye-catching creation by Chimney Butte (third pic above).  It ships with an 18-inch solid Sterling-silver chain, though the bale will accommodate a smaller-sized bead necklace.  It is about 3.5-inches long and weighs 2.6-ounces.  Hallmarked "Chimney Butte" in cursive.   Chimney Butte is a real person and a real character indeed.  And he was a big hit at the 2016 Santa Fe Indian Market, where he used to sell on the plaza for years.   He is a true dedicated artist/silversmith, and a person who appears to be guided by spiritualist principles.  He is big as a butte and learned his chops early in his career from the late legend, Tommy Singer, when both he and Mr. Singer lived near Dilkon, Arizona.  He claims half-Comanche/half-Anglo lineage, and is married into the Santa Domingo tribe (just south of Santa Fe).  This guy is larger than life and belongs in a chapter of the Drifter's book.  His dedicated following in the movie industry includes some of the cast from the "Hateful Eight;" Brooke Shields, and quite a few others.