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Large trophy Navajo Sterling cuff by Tillie Jon.—SOLD!



SOLD!  Time to start bringing out the big guns.  Tillie Jon is an award-winning Navajo jewelry artist.  Surprise, Surprise.  This is big and bold and beautiful.  One of those, "wear it to the rodeo or wear it to the opera" pieces.  This trophy piece would likely be considerably more expensive elsewhere.  But it kinda needs to fit because you don't want to be re-shaping something this expensive and this perfect (though the Drifter can shape it a quarter-inch either way PRIOR to shipping.   Correct wrist circumference (including the "gap") should be about seven inches. If weighs 7.07-ounces (somewhat less than the steering wheel of the Rolls), and the width at the top is 2.5-inches, while the silver band itself is 2.25-inches throughout.  It has top-grade mostly spider-webbed Kingman turquoise (eleven stones), and finely-detailed hand stamping on the silver.  Hallmarked "T.JON."  Not for the timid.