Large, 3-inch Chimney Butte pendant with Kingman turquoise and coral. #1452

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Note: Pictured is the optional 5mm, 22-inch burnished Sterling "Navajo peal" bead necklace that can be substituted for the included 18-inch, solid Sterling silver box chain.  The upgrade is only $111 when bought with the pendant.  Call or text and we'll change the price above to reflect that option.  Not counting the bale, this beautiful pendant is three-inches long.  It is 2.5-inches across at the widest point.  Weight of the pendant alone is 61.6-grams, or 2.17-ounces.  This is a substantial piece.  It is hallmarked "Chimney Butte," stamped in cursive.  Chimney Butte is a character and has quite a following that dates back to his jewelry-making days on the plaza in Santa Fe.  His work has a primitive, raw appearance, and the silversmithing here is classic Chimney Butte—ornate and simplistic at the same time.  Chimney Butte, of Comanche and anglo heritage, learned his chops as a young man while living on the Navajo reservation in Dilkon, Arizona--apprenticing under the legendary Tommy Singer.  Now he sells to Hollywood types and makes jewelry for use in movies.  He is quite popular in Santa Fe where he first started selling his own work.  Uh, it's a little more expensive there.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.