Larger hand-stamped and repousse' Navajo Royston turquoise pendant by Robert Shakey. SOLD! #1644

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SOLD!  Isn't this a beauty.  It's a big 2.25-inch-long pendant--not counting the almost three-quarter-inch inside diameter, hand-stamped bale.  The expert hand-stamping on the Sterling is indicative of Navajo master silversmithing.  And just for grins Robert Shakey reverse-stamped four pieces of repousse' and positioned them at the 10; 2;4, and 8 o'clock positions of this pendant.  But the center of attention will always be that big, dreamy, Royston turquoise stone—hand chosen by the Drifter.  Don't stare at it too long…  It comes with an 18-inch, solid Sterling silver box chain, but it doesn't do this pendant justice.  The buyer may upgrade to the optional 8mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling chain for an additional $150—which is a bargain, we think.  To avail oneself of this option, just call or text prior to purchasing and we can adjust the price accordingly.  Weight of the pendant is 37-grams, or 1.3-ounces.  Hallmarked "ROBERT SHAKEY" in all caps.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.