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Larger Navajo dead-pawn Sterling cuff with Royston, Nevada turquoise by Lionel Dabbs.



This would look equally good on either a man or a woman.  Wrist circumference (including the "gap" in the cuff) is 7.25-inches—which is a medium/large woman's or a medium man's wrist circumference.  It has very nice hand-stamping on the Sterling and a good-looking 1.25 inch-long Royston, turquoise stone.  Width throughout is 1.25-inches on the silver band, with the bezel and the stone hanging a bit over on each side.  The silver gauge is decent; the weight is 3.27 ounces.  By the way, why would a person ever buy a piece of jewelry online that doesn't list the weight!?  Anything less than an ounce an a-half is pretty light gauge.  Probably tourist junk.  Here at High Plains Jewelry, we only offer pieces that the Native Americans have either made for themselves and worn (dead-pawn), or something they would be proud to wear themselves.  Don't throw your money away on some flimsy curious-quality trinket.  Pay a little more and get an investment piece that will always appreciate in value.  This piece is hallmarked "LD."  This cuff is pictured in our ad in the upcoming Cowboys & Indians magazine's March/April issue on newsstands in February '17.