Solid Sterling silver concho-type Navajo earrings. SOLD! #2494

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SOLD!  Too bad we only have one pair of these dazzling Sterling silver trophies.  'More things out of our stash box of things we've acquired through the years and put back for a rainy day. They have' sort of a quintessential 'old west' look to them.  Great for wearing at your box seat at the National Finals Rodeo.  These babies are as long as a 60's Cadillac at three full inches—not counting any part of the hangers.  Each earring weighs 7.6-grams, or .03-ounces.  'Can't discern a hallmark.  They were likely made to wear, not to sell.  'Pretty cool earrings.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.