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Man's handsome heavy-silver Navajo Sterling cuff by Garret Hale.



Should the description read, "Handsome man's...," or "Man's handsome...?"  Same thing.  The guy that puts this baby on will be instantly more handsome.  The Drifter wore it at a show after acquiring it recently, and you should see him now!  It is made from thicker-gauge Sterling (probably twelve-gauge); impeccably hand-stamped, and is topped-off with an attractive triangular-shaped Royston, Nevada turquoise stone.  Weight is an impressive five ounces; width across the top of the stone is two-inches (the band is generally about 1.25-inches), and it fits a wrist circumference (including the "gap" in the cuff) of 7 and 3/8ths—but could easily be adjusted to either 7.25 or 7.5-inches.  Hallmarked "G. HALE."  Sharp. Very sharp.