• Marcus Chavez' traditional Navajo cuff with Turquoise Mountain, turquoise. SALE PENDING! #1950

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    SALE PENDING!  Wear this baby at courtside and nobody will be watching the ball.  Marcus Chavez has steadily risen in the ranks of sought-after Navajo artisans during the last few years.  He chooses his own stones and pretty-much adheres to traditional styling.  This cuff has the type of traditional look—if allowed to tarnish a bit—that many dealers today would claim as "vintage" in a fraudulent attempt to increase the value and/or allure.  We suggest before buying-into such willful misrepresentation, you first Google the artisan and see if he or she was even born prior to the sixties.  Native American jewelry should be made during the 60's or prior to legitimately be considered vintage.  But I digress (as usual!).  The turquoise in this cuff has the appearance of Kingman, but Marcus notated "Turquoise Mountain" on the back of the cuff.  The total inside circumference of this beauty is 6 and 5/8th's-inches—INCLUDING the gap.  The circumference of one's wrist (measured around the wrist bone) should correspond closely with that measurement.  As usual, we strongly urge potential buyers to buy quality-made cuffs to fit.  And we also strongly urge that they don't attempt to bend or reshape them in an effort to make them fit.  Here, this cuff can be adjusted slightly—prior to shipping—to fit a person with a 6.5-inch, to a 6.75-inch wrist size perfectly.  This cuff is three-inches across lengthwise, and it weighs an impressive 82.7-grams, or 2.92-ounces.  Hallmarked "MARCUS" in all caps.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.