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Matthew Jack three-piece inlay pendant. SOLD! #1204

SOLD!   This 3 and 7/8th's-inch pendant is a bedazzler indeed.  Matthew and his father Ray Jack are renowned inlay artists and command quite a following.  This pendant has three distinct pieces of inlay, the third being the bale itself—which is not flat, but inlaid on a curvature.  It is well underpriced, as are most of our postings in the last couple of weeks due to the current unsettling social and economic conditions.  A good time to buy if one has the money.  Weight is 33-grams, or 1.15-ounces—without any chain attached.  At the listed $425, it comes with an 18-inch, solid Sterling box chain (not pictured).  Pictured is a 20-inch, 8mm burnished Sterling "Navajo pearl" bead necklace posted on this site for $189.  The customer may forego the 18-inch box chain and purchase the pendant and the bead necklace instead at the same time for a total of $575—a savings of $39.  It is hallmarked "Matthew Jack."  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy.