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Medium wrist size dead-pawn Navajo Sterling cuff, by Myron Etsitty.—SOLD!



SOLD!   This out-of-pawn cuff pops.  It is made with sturdy, what appears to be 12-gauge Sterling, and it has that substantial feel that is associated with older pawn pieces that were made when Sterling silver was priced much less than it is today.  The single turquoise stone appears to be lighter-shade Kingman Mine.  Wrist circumference (including the "gap" in the cuff) is 6.75-inches, though it can be adjusted PRIOR to shipping by a quarter-inch either way.  Keep in mind the Drifter goes by the total circumference of the wrist—exactly where it will be worn.  Width is a consistent 1 and 1/8th's for the band, and 1.5-inches at the Stone.  Hallmarked "Myron Etsitty."