• Winged Liberty Head dime necklace by James McCabe, Navajo.—TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK


    TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK     Coin necklaces have been around since coins. You see these James McCabe pieces on E-Bay and Facebook and elsewhere on the internet—usually from a little over $700 to as much as $1,000-plus. People, they are the same as pictured above—except they are much less here! The foremost maker of dime necklaces and their variants (such as dime necklace "squash-blossoms") today—in the Drifter's opinion—is indeed James McCabe.  And this 25-inch beauty by Mr. McCabe serves his reputation well.  It has 73 U.S. Mercury dimes (more properly called "winged liberty-head" dimes) dating from 1916 to 1945.  This is twice the quality and half the price of other necklaces of this type.  Our lower price—and the quality of Mr. McCabe's work—is why they sell so well (we are often sold out).   McCabe only makes one type of quality—TOP quality!   Though the Drifter has been carrying these James McCabe originals for awhile, it is included in the "Winter, 2017 Latest Offerings" section because the Drifter just brought back four more of these.  They won't last long—hopefully they can be replenished when they sell, though.  Weight is 6.6 ounces.  Wear it and never be broke.