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Navajo 14-stone lariat set with White Buffalo by Gilbert Tom.—SOLD!

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SOLD!  The stones in this lariat were carefully selected and the work delegated to Mr. Tom.  We had to wait a bit for it, but it was well worth the wait.  End-to-end it is 33.5-inches long, which doesn't take into account the 4-stone drop.  Gilbert Tom did his usual intricate hand-stamping, and he finished it out in the old-style, satiny patina.  And, the perfectly matching earrings make it a very complete package for the discerning buyer.  It is a remarkable, stand-out example of current Native American style and craftsmanship in jewelry making.  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."  We already received a nibble of a sale while completing the posting, but there was a glitch in the buyer's credit card.  So, this one may not last long.  Always complimentary Priorty shipping within the U.S.