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Navajo adjustable Sterling silver hat band with Royston, Nevada turquoise.—Temporarily out of stock!



Temporarily out of stock.    Hatbands similar to this have been around for a long time but are mostly made from "block" or compressed, processed stones derived from a blend of turquoise powder and turquoise chips that have been pulverized by a machine that adds a binding agent and compresses the chips, granules and powder into a hard block about the size of a small bar of soap..  Even so those hatbands require a lot of work and therefore still cost $300 to $500.  The current hatband the Drifter has just acquired during the annual Navajo Fair in September contains actual Royston turquoise stones, but they are slightly oval rather than four-cornered rectangles like that in the picture.  The Drifter has come across very few of these silver hatbands with real stones.  When he does he snares it quickly and puts it on this website.  Make no mistake, the Drifter's hat is NOT included in this offering—only the hatband!