• Navajo child's bracelet with Kingman turquoise, by Betty House. #1862

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    This Navajo child's cuff is made in the exact manner as a full size cuff except it is pint-size so it will fit a child.  Most Navajo child or baby bracelets are made sort-of minimalistic.  If it was full size it would be at least $300.  The total inside circumference—including the gap in the cuff--is 4 and 1/8th-inches.  That's probably a little large for a toddler baby; more likely to fit a young child.  You need to measure your child completely around the wrist bone and see if the measurement is between about 3 and 7/8's to 4 and 1/8th-inches total.  We are aware that some sellers suggest 'squeezing' or 'opening-up' Native cuffs to fit.  You might get away with that practice if the cuff is thin and flimsy, but even then you risk damaging your cuff by bending it out of shape.  Many of us have likely done that at some point--before we learned better.  But this cuff is not flimsy at all, it is made well and made to fit.  Dollar-type stores sell cloth tailor's tapes for about a dollar.  It's the best investment you'll ever make it you intend to buy quality Native American cuffs.  Very simply, they are not 'one size fits all.'  This nice little cuff is 1 and 3/8th's-inches across, and has a nice, baby blue Kingman turquoise stone.  It weighs 23-grams, or .81-ounces.  And, we have a beautiful, very traditional full-size Kingman turquoise squash-blossom necklace for Mom that will go perfectly with this child's cuff.  Now, let's consider something for Dad! Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.