On the Trail of Quality Since 1976

Navajo dead-pawn heavy silver belt buckle with pristine Sleeping Beauty turquoise, by Wilson Begay.



I don't often buy belt buckles, but when I do I buy the best.  This is very, very hard to let go of.  It is thick and heavy (3.75-ounces).  Bezels around the stones are painstakingly detailed and the Sleeping Beauty turquoise is high grade and perfect.  Wilson Begay's silver crafting is exquisite.  This is basically museum quality.  Dimensions are 3.75-inches wide by 2.5-inches tall.  It's made for a 1.5-inch-wide leather belt.  Buckles of this quality are few today.  Wearing a cheap belt buckle is like wearing a cheap suit or a cheap pair of factory-made boots.  And that's just not the Drifter's style.