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Navajo dead-pawn heavy silver five-stone Royston turquoise by Leslie Nez.



This dead-pawn cuff has a certain allure to.  It is somewhat subtle, yet it really "pops" with those light turquoise color (probably Royston, Nevada) stones.  Size is 6 and 5/8th's wrist circumference (this includes the "gap" in the cuff), but could be made to fit from a 6.5-inch to a 6.75-inch wrist—which is a medium-to-medium-large woman's, or a small man's size.  Again, it is thick, heavy-gauge (likely 12-gauge) Sterling silver so there is not much leeway for adjusting—and we would rather do it prior to shipping to ensure no damage occurs.  This jewel weighs a very hearty 4.85-ounces.  Width is almost 1 and 3/8th's inches and is hallmarked "Leslie Nez." And by the way, it would cost a lot more to have a cuff like this made today.  Whoever buys this is getting a bargain.