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Navajo ladies pawn watchband with 14 pieces of Mediterranean blood-red coral. #1466

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Your don't see this everyday.  A nice, slightly thicker-gauge ladies Navajo watchband with all this beautiful red coral.  With the included watch, it not only looks rich and sharp, it tells the time as well.  What a novel idea!  Put that smartphone away.  Total wrist circumference needed to wear this is 6.25-inches (which includes the 'gap' as well).  Don't buy it to bend it—it has too many settings that might be affected by reshaping.  Measure twice: buy once.  The Drifter acquired this from a pawn vault about 15-years ago—long before the meteoric rise in the price of coral.  It is hallmarked "MC." Nice.  And always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.