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Navajo dead-pawn Sterling bolo tie with custom tips and Sleeping Beauty turquoise.



Here is a very, very inexpensive bolo tie that has custom squash blossom-shaped tips—instead of uniform, boring, store-bought ones—and, it has nice, older Sleeping beauty turquoise stones.  It has the mechanical "flipper-style" stays on the back (which is a bummer) and a thinner leather lanyard.  But the Drifter probably has a thicker leather lanyard 'hanging' around somewhere, and can put it on this rather nice, otherwise, cute bolo.  The Drifter wouldn't have bought this out of the pawn vault if it wasn't nice.  A good, high-quality custom-made, Navajo Sterling-and-turquoise bolo tie cost $500 to $1,000 these days, so this is pretty-much a steal at this price.