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  • Navajo dead-pawn Sterling cuff with single Royston, Nevada turquoise stone.

    This pawn cuff will best fit someone with a 6 and 7/8th's wrist circumference—including the "gap" in the cuff.  It can be adjusted PRIOR to shipping be an eighth to a quarter inch either way.  Re-shaping a cuff requires more than just squeezing it while it's on one's arm—which will most likely result in it bending in the WRONG place.  It is  5/8th's-inches throughout on the cuff portion, and about 1 and 1/16th-across at the bezel.  Weight is 60-grams, or 2.12-ounces.  It's not a lightweight flimsy piece, and is thus quite a bargain at the above price.  It's obvious that this piece was made with the intent of the maker wearing it—not as a piece created simply to sell.  Hallmarked.  Always free Priority shipping within the U.S.