Navajo hand-stamped, old-style patina pendant with reverse-stamped repousse' and a hand-picked ribbon turquoise stone (shown with optional 5mm, 22-inch Sterling Navajo 'pearls'). #1561

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NOTE:  The above-pictured 5mm, 22-inch burnished Sterling chain can be substituted for the included 18-inch, solid Sterling box chain for an additional $111.  Call or text and we can change the above price to reflect that option.

We like ribbon turquoise.  We like old-style patina and expert hand-stamping,  We like things you don't havre to squint to see from a few away.  And we damn-sure like THIS particular pendant. Not counting the bale, it is two-inches long and 1.75-inches across at the bottom.  The hand-stamped bale will accommodate a half-inch bead chain.  Besides all the intricate hand stamping, it also has ten pieces of reverse-stamped repousse' surrounding the stone.  Heck, put a braided leather lanyard through that bale and put it on the Drifter—even he would look sharp wearing it (maybe).  The pendant weighs 24.2-grams, or .82-ounces.  Hallmarked "ROBERT SHAKEY." Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.