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Navajo heavy-silver cuff with five boulder/ribbon turquoise stones, by Gilbert Tom.—SOLD!



SOLD!   This baby is featured in High Plains Jewelry's ad on page 59 in the current issue of COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine (featuring Woody Harrelson on the cover.  It was made by Navajo master silversmith Gilbert Tom, who suffered a serious injury in late December, and whom we hope and pray enjoys a full recovery.  He is so creative and is truly an Artist who represents his people well.  Now, about the piece.  It is made from thick, 12-gauge Sterling; it has five beautiful, good-sized boulder (we call it "ribbon") turquoise stones, and, oh, that magnificent silverwork!  If you are very, very lucky in this case to have a 6 and 5/8th's-inch wrist circumference, it will enhance your beauty or handsomeness and accentuate your keen judgement.  Weight is 6.07-ounces!  The Drifter is not amused with thin, light-gauge tourist jewelry.  Width is pretty uniform at 1.75-inches.  Hallmarked, "Gilbert Tom."