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Navajo pendant necklace with matching earrings by Augustine Largo.#1366—SOLD!

SOLD!    We occasionally acquire something that really stands out.  Wait a minute…we constantly do that!  Well, this is no different.  It's definitely a beauty.  The stones; the silverwork; the heavy-duty chain.  The end-to-end length is 19-inches, but that measurement does not take into account the inch-and-a-half of the drop of the bottom pendant.  From the back of the neck it should hang approximately 10.5-to 11.5-inches down. The bottom pendant is the largest, and it is 1 and 5/8th's-inches long, and 7/8th's inches at the widest point of that pendant.  Weight of the necklace is 52.5-grams, or 1.85-ounces.  Hallmarked with a hand-stamped "AL."  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.