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Navajo size-13 dead-pawn ring with older, actual Dry Creek turquoise.


This stone is original Dry Creek turquoise mined before the death of the owner and the subsequent closing of the mine in 2012.  It is distinctly different from current offerings of what many advertise as Dry Creek turquoise.  In the turquoise world, Dry Creek turquoise is a very recent addition.  It was discovered by members of the Shoshone tribe in 1993 outside of Austin, Nevada.  The odd light blue color, usually earmarked with copper-ore matrix is different from any other turquoise, but was tested back in the early nineties to confirm that it was actually turquoise.  Collectors seek-out Dry Creek from the nineties due to its richer tone.  Recent Dry Creek offerings may be from a mine owned by another family that's location on on the other side of the mountain from the original Dry Creek mine.  It is lighter, with an almost chalky-like coloring is is pretty much devoid of matrix.  Anyway, this ring is the older stuff.   We've had for nearly twenty years and it has been one of the Drifter's favorite rings to wear at shows when it still fit.  It is a solid size 13.  It is a heavy-silver piece, weighing a very, very respectable 20-grams, or .71-ounces!  Hallmarked.  It you wear a size-13 don't even think about it—just buy it.  You'll thank yourself every time you look at it on you.   Always complimentary Priority shipping within U.S.