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Navajo squash-blossom necklace with 18 ribbon turquoise stones.

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The key to creating a prize like this is getting all the complimentary stones together.  Next, find a creative Navajo silversmith who you share trust with through the years. Then have patience.  Here you see the result.  End-to-end, this squash measures 27.5-inches, which doesn't count the added four-inch drop of the Naja.  On average it should hang about 16-inches down from the back of one's neck.  Weight is 287-grams, or 10.13-ounces.  Hallmarked "AL," the hallmark for Augustine Largo.  He made it from a photograph on pg. 94 in the current, October 2020 issue of COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine of a similar squash of ours that the magazine used on one of its models (that one sold immediately—thus the use of the photograph).  So if you want to see how it looks on a beautiful woman like yourself, check-out the pic on pg. 94.  This thing is nice, REAL nice.  And as always, Priority shipping within the U.S. is complimentary.