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Sterling Navajo 20-stone ribbon turquoise squash-blossom necklace with matching earrings.#1312—SOLD!

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SOLD!  This is not the same ribbon squash-blossom of ours that appeared in COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine in April, 2020.  This one also has the ribbon turquoise, but the one that the magazine featured on one of its models was more expensive and sold immediately.  This squash was recently custom-made with hand-picked ribbon turquoise.   The stones each have distinctive 'ribbons' of turquoise.  It has matching earrings which can be found in the adjacent posting following this one.  It's on the longer side.  End-to-end-length is 27-inches, but that measurement does not take into consideration the 3.75-inch drop of the naja. Speaking of, that eight-stone nana is spectacular.  Weight is 260-grams, or 9.18-ounces.  The maker stamped his initials (his usual hallmark) into the silver on the back of the naja.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.