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Navajo Sterling earrings with perfect boulder/ribbon turquoise by Elousie Kee.—SOLD!



SOLD!  If you have a choice when selecting jewelry with boulder (we call it "ribbon") turquoise, try to find something that has a perfect ribbon of turquoise running through it.  We see that blotchy boulder around now, but that's not what it's really all about, and the Drifter passes on that stuff.  The above earrings are a perfect example of how it is supposed to be.  And the way Ms. Kee makes jewelry is also how it is supposed to be made.  See Elouise Kee silversmithing in a video on High Plains Jewelry facebook page.  These are petite earrings at one inch long (not counting any part of the hangers) and 3/4th's-inch wide.  The are hallmarked (stamped) "Elouise Kee."  They are pretty-much P-E-R-F-E-C-T.