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Navajo Sterling eleven-pendant "lariat" necklace with Kingman turquoise and matching earrings, by Gilbert Tom.—SOLD!



SOLD!  Whoa!  This lariat will stop a galloping bronco in his tracks.  It has eleven pendants with superb Kingman turquoise—each having beautiful copper matrix. It is crafted by a master Navajo silversmith in the "old-style" patina with lots of intricate hand-stamping.   It is 28-inches end-to-end, but when worn it hangs 20-inches or so from the back of the neck to the bottom of the last two pendants.  Gilbert made it with nice gauge Sterling, so it is NOT flimsy and is certainly a serious piece of Navajo wearable art.  Most of the pendants are a little over two-inches long and 1.25-inches wide.  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."  Free Priority shipping always.