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Navajo triplet cuff with No. 8 Mine turquoise by M&R Calladitto.



    You may have noticed that the Drifter is willing to pay the price for No. 8 Mine turquoise.  The mine closed in 1978 and coming-up with that beautiful turquoise now is both difficult and expensive.  These No. 8 rocks contain a lot of copper matrix and really set the tone for this nice piece of wearable art.  The Calladitto family is yet another of a long-line of masterful Navajo silversmiths.  This is the kind of Native jewelry that sets High Plains Jewelry apart from a touristy shop that has touristy stuff.  It appears to have 14-gauge Sterling (heavier gauge than normal) and lots of time-consuming, intricate hand-stamping.  It is 1.25-inches across at the stone.  The wearer needs to have about a seven-inch wrist circumference—which is a medium-large woman or a smaller man's size.  It can adjust up or down about a quarter-of-an-inch.  It weighs 2.7-ounces and is hallmarked "M&R Calladitto."