Nelson Morton three-dimensional Butterfly Maiden kachina pendant/brooch (and chain) with a single turquoise stone. SOLD! #1628

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SOLD!  Nelson Morton is famous for these highly-detailed kachina-figure pendants.  This one is special not only for outstanding artistry, but also because it comes with a fancy chain—part of which is a solid piece of Sterling—that can be detached from the kachina.  The detached pendant can be worn as a brooch by using the brooch clip that is part of the back of the pendant.  Either way one wears it, this unique pendant is an absolute stand-out.  It may be the best bang for the buck that we offer.  We've seen Nelson's kachina pendants priced in shops for a lot more.  If memory serves me right (it's been a while since we've carried kachina carvings), the Butterfly Maiden represents "life-giving rain and flowers." The kachina pendant itself is 2.75-inches long, and almost an inch-and-a-half across near the top.  It's also thick—nearly a quarter-inch thick.  Not solid, but boxed-in with separate layers of Sterling for the front; the back and the sides.  End-to-end with the chain on, it measures 19-inches.  Weight is 32-grams, or 1.12-ounces.  It is hallmarked with Nelson's fanciful artwork, with a stylish NM in cursive beside the hallmark.  This is a winner, folks—especially if you grow a garden.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.