• Nine-stone Golden Hills turquoise cluster ring, by Navajo silversmith Augustine Largo. #1501

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     Golden Hills turquoise is the latest rage now.  It comes from Kazakhstan.  It's quite attractive but what the Drifter really wants is one of those fur-trimmed winter hats the men from Kazakstan wear.  Anyway, here is a colorful cluster of the turquoise in a rather large statement ring expertly crafted by one of the best Navajo silversmiths with which we work.  At the center of the wider, half-inch shank it reads size nine on a sizing bar.  One should realize that wider shanks do not settle-in to a natural crease in one's finger.  Rather it rides atop that crease, resulting in the need to slightly exaggerate the usual size one wears on a particular finger.  So in the case at hand (so to speak), if your normal size is nine, this ring might be a little tight.  But if your normal size is 8 to 8.5 this wide-shank size-nine ring will likely fit quite comfortably.  Either way, if it doesn't fit just send it back for a full refund.  Out goal is to satisfy the customer's need, not to deny refunds or to insist refunds as credit-only.  Hell, the Drifter doesn't need money that bad.  You may have noticed that it was previously listed as "Sale Pending."  It was put in layaway toward the end of last year but no further payment was ever made so it is now for sale.  Er, no layaways!  This ring is 2 and 3/8th's long and two-inches across.  Weight is a very, very respectable 38.8-grams, or 1.35-ounces.  It is not a lightweight tourist-quality gumball-machine ring.  It is substantial and it is quality—high quality.  It is hallmarked "Auggie L" in cursive, which is Augustine's hallmark he is starting to use.  And as always, there is complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy.