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Custom Bolo Tie by Charlie John.


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Charlie John bolos are sizzling hot since Mr. Redcloud ("The Revenant") wore one on the Academy Awards this year.  Charlie John bolos and buckles were already very sought-after by those who require a high quality man's piece.   Note the buckle in the picture is no longer available.  The problem with bolo ties is that there is a lot of tourist junk out there that have thin, simulated leather (vinyl!) lanyards and mechanical, store-bought clasps on the back, and the bolo itself may either be cast or machine-stamped.  This bolo is meticulously hand-stamped and the keeper on the back of the bolo is classic old-style crimped silver loops.  The tips are custom-made—not store bought, and the hand-woven, thick lanyard is real leather (tip: always twist the lanyard back and forth and sniff it.  Leather smells like leather; vinyl smells like a rip-off!).   The Drifter sees a lot of bolos but only wears an original Tommy Singer and a Charley John (but not at the same time!).  This piece is nice—real nice.  The matching stones are water web Kingman mine turquoise.  So tempting...