• A little older Calvin Martinez' heavy-silver Navajo cuff with beautiful Dry Creek turquoise. #1425

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    This stylish cuff is a slightly older heavy-silver Calvin Martinez cuff with the original Dry Creek turquoise, so we put it in this section-- though it isn't really "vintage."  Checked the price of a Calvin Martinez cuff lately? This one's a deal, folks. It's built like a Tonka Truck but is beautiful like a Lamborghini.  We've had it stashed for years and once posted it prior about 6 years ago with a bad pic, but didn't research the hallmark at that time, and didn't include it at shows.  Recently discovered it is a "Calvin Martinez."  Whoa!  Of course Calvin wasn't quite as famous back then as he is now.  If it would fit me it would never be sold.  The patina may have originated as an old-style patina but it has aged a little as well.  We dare not polish it.  The wrist size needed to wear this is 6.75-inches to 7-inches (it is just shy of seven inches total inside circumference). That's total wrist circumference—including the "gap" in the cuff.  Measure twice; buy once.  Don't even think about bending this to fit (it's too thick to bend anyway).  This baby is substantial.  It weighs 110-grams, or 3.88-ounces.  Nice.  It is 1.75-inches across the top, and tapers-out to a little over .75-inches.  Hallmarked "C. MTZ" inside a stamped arrowhead.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.