Original, signed and uncirculated Tommy Singer goldcraft post earrings.

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We had a lot of original, signed pieces made by Tommy before his passing to the other side in 2014.  Squash-blossoms; pendants; bolo ties; belt buckles; gold barrel-bead necklaces and earrings.  Only a half-dozen or-so earrings remain.  Tommy had a habit—irritating at the time—of placing all but the biggest items in little plastic bags and stapling the bag closed.  It was his way of keeping his immaculately-crafted artwork from getting scratches while toting them to shops in his old hinged-top, black physician's bags.  Those staples would prick a finger getting them off if one wasn't careful.  Anyway, pictured above is a pair of his earrings still in the stapled package.  Tommy Singer was the last to touch these earrings.  They are big and bold—as was Tommy.  Length is two-inches, and each is 1 and 1/8-inches wide at the bottom.   Together in the stapled package they weigh 13.4-grams—or .47-ounces.  Each one probably weighs about 6-grams, or .21-ounces.  Each is stamped on the back with his older Gothic font hallmark, "T. SINGER."   These are  collector pieces.  Don't scratch 'em!  Free shipping by USPS Priority,  within the U.S.  Same day shipping if ordered before noon CST weekdays.