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  • Original; signed and uncirculated Tommy Singer Sterling belt buckle with Sleeping Beauty turquoise.—SOLD!


    SOLD!  This collector piece is an original, signed Tommy Singer creation—not a T&R Singer re-creation.  It has become necessary to point this out due to the rampant advertising on the web of "Tommy Singer" jewelry that is in reality "T&R Singer" jewelry.  We know and do business with Rose (Rosita) Singer and applaud her honesty and faithful adherence to the quality and furtherance of her late husband's legacy.  It is unscrupulous dealers, IMHO, who appear to misrepresent—at least partly—the true origin of a piece. Basically, Singer items made after his passing are all T&R (Tommy and Rose) Singer, made be Rose and other family members using Tommy's tools and original designs.  They are just as good as when Tommy was at the helm.  And, they don't misrepresent their work as being Tommy's work prior to his death.  But it is an inescapable fact that original Tommy Singer pieces have a certain mystique about them, and are, at this point in time, worth appreciably more.  Yet time after time, the Drifter encounters people who are elated to have purchased a Tommy Singer piece that is actually hallmarked T&R Singer.  They were led to believe at the time of purchase that they were, indeed, acquiring an original Tommy Singer creation.  Well, almost!  Lest I digress further, the buckle above is fairly large, measuring 3.75-inches across, by three inches tall.  It is double-overlay Sterling, almost synonymous with Mr. Singer.  The bezel holding the stone is finely crafted and fluted, like the Drifter's own Tommy Singer buckle.  It has the cursive hallmark used be Tommy on his bigger pieces later in his life.  The gauge of the silver is not as thick as his buckles made a half-century ago, but it is still substantial.  The last original Tommy Singer buckle listed here was bought and shipped to a client in Paris, France (yes, even the French desire Tommy Singer creations!).  Hope this one stays closer to home.  Enjoy.