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Original, signed Tommy Singer 29-inch, five-strand gold and silver barrel-bead necklace!—SOLD!



SOLD!  This is the last of the Tommy Singer gold-fill and Sterling silver barrel bead necklaces that the Drifter acquired directly from Mr. Singer prior to his untimely passing.  It has lots of natural heishi with some turquoise, and is quite a statement piece.  Tommy made the barrel beads on these multi-strand pieces much larger than on the single strands.  On March 26, 2014 the Drifter sat at the kitchen table of the Singer home, drinking coffee with Tommy and Rose and trying to choose from a large variety of Tommy's signature barrel bead necklaces.  In the end the Drifter bought all of them—about 65—along with some other items.  Two months and five days later Mr. Singer crashed his beloved motorcycle and he was gone.  He lived all his life a few hundred feet from the hogan in which he was born and was quite a person.  And his jewelry-making made quite an impression in the history of Native American jewelry.  These gold-fill barrel bead necklaces were quite in demand prior to his passing and still are—if you can find an authentic one.  Rest assured this is an authentic one.  It does have the little tag with "T. Singer" stamped on it as well.  Enjoy.  And enjoy the pictures above of Tommy's old hogan; him with his Camaro, and him with his motorcycle.  The pic with Tommy, Rose and the Drifter at that kitchen table is the Drifter's last pic of Tommy.  RIP.