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Original, signed Tommy Singer double-overlay cuff with equine design. SOLD!



SOLD!  No use expounding much on this piece.  Being an older, original Tommy Singer (not M&R Singer, which are items made by the family after his passing) piece speaks for itself.  It has been in the Drifter's collection since before Mr. Singer's passing in 2014.  Note the older Gothic block print on the hallmark stamping.  It had been a few decades since he last used that.  Since the 1960's, Tommy Singer was a real defining presence in the Native American jewelry world.  The Drifter really valued his acquaintance.  This cuff is one-and-an-eighth-inch wide; weighs 1.85-ounces and fits about a seven-inch wrist size.  If it needs adjusting in or out a bit, the Drifter would rather adjust it himself prior to shipping.  Just measure the total circumference of your wrist and text or call.  Hallmarked by the late and great "THOMAS SINGER."