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Original, signed Tommy Singer gold and silver earrings.—SOLD!



SOLD!  The Drifter bought these new from Tommy Singer himself in 2013—a year before his passing.  Some merchants advertise Tommy Singer jewelry, but nowadays it is usually hallmarked T&R Singer and made by his widow; his daughter and his son-in-law.  They use Tommy's old designs and tools and they make a wonderful exact replica of his work.  But these are not that.  These are the real deal and the Drifter stands behind that.  We have a few more pieces of his work (including two squash blossoms!) but it is sort of hard letting loose of them.  Each earring here has a nice little sugilite stone adorning it, and they are fashioned in Tommy's famed double-overlay style in gold, silver and black.  They weigh .26-ounces each.  Length is a smidgen short of two inches; width is 1 and 3/8ths.  Hallmarked "T. Singer."   Less expensive than a collector car but just as beautiful.