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  • Original, signed Tommy Singer Goldcraft earrings.—SOLD!

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    SOLD!  These are the REAL deal.  The Drifter got these from Tommy in the summer of 2013, along with well over a hundred other of his pieces.  We sold most before he passed to the other side in 2014, but held-on to a handful of these original items.  We have very few left.  If you are familiar with the legendary Tommy Singer, you likely know what a bargain these are.  Don't be confused with people overing Tommy Singer jewelry that is actually T&R Singer (they will be hallmarked T&R Singer).  T&R Singer jewelry is jewelry made after Tommy's passing by his widow and family members using Tommy's old design AND his tools.  It is fine jewelry.  But, again, these are the real deal.  They are two-inches long and one-inch at the widest point.  Each earring weighs 7-grams, or .25-ounces.  Each also has a hand-stamped "T. SINGER" hallmark.  Enjoy.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.