• Original, signed, uncirculated Tommy Singer large Goldcraft earrings. #1554

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    'Close to the end, now, of the original Tommy Singer pieces.  All Tommy Singer items we have were obtained from him personally prior to his untimely passing.   Only a few earrings and pendants are left (except for a buckle and a bolo—but don't ask).  Some have been left in the original packaging Tommy had a penchant for enclosing them in.  He put everything from belt-buckle size on down, into these little plastic bags (not ziplock); then he rolled the ends of the bags up and stapled them.  As time goes on since his passing, it seems pertinent that Tommy Singer was the last one to touch the piece.  'Means something to me; maybe it does to you as well.  Anyway, these earrings have the unmistakable Tommy Singer-type  design and the three-tone appearance of gold, silver and black anodize.  They are exactly two-inches long, and 1 and 5/8th's inches across at the bottom.  The pair together (with the bag) weigh 13.4-grams, or .47-ounces.  So divide that in half, roughly, to get the weight per earring.  Each earring is singed "T. SINGER" in gothic and all caps.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.