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Navajo Sterling pendant with Dry Creek Turquoise by Emma Mae Linkin.



This pendant hallmarked by Navajo silversmith E.M. Linkin is ornate without being overly so, with a great piece of Dry Creek turquoise with reddish matrix.  The Dry Creek mine is no longer, and the last remnants of it are quite chalky and light-colored.  The Drifter doesn't bother with it.  But here, you see Dry Creek turquoise at its apex, with the robin's egg blue color and copper-laced matrix.  And Ms. Linkin did a nice job of smithing the silver around the knockout stone.  Also, the bale is large enough to accommodate some nice Navajo pearls.  We will include a 24-inch burnished silver bead necklace in the popular 8mm size for $200 additional.  We sort of don't like calling these bead necklaces "Navajo pearls," though, as they aren't Navajo made unless they are pretty old.  Don't let anyone fool you.  This pendant IS authentic Navajo-made, though. It is 1.75 inches long, not counting the bale.  Width is 1.25-inch and it weighs. 21.2 grams which is .75 of an ounce.  It ships with a 18-inch solid sterling box chain.