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  • Pedi-point Sterling and turquoise cluster cuff by Tommy Lowe, Navajo.

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    Tommy Lowe is a Navajo who does Zuni Pueblo-type work.  And he sure does it well.  His settings are noticeably deeper than most, and his silver work is more crisp than most.  This one has a ton of settings, the Drifter didn't count them.  Lowe uses real stones, not that compressed turquoise rubbish.  Tommy Lowe is another one of the Drifter's favorite artisans because of the consistent high quality.  This one weighs 2.05  ounces (the frame is certainly a thinner gauge than the old ones).  The wrist circumference needs to be about 6.5-inches.  With all these settings, a person doesn't want to be bending them out of shape in order to make it fit.  It is for a relatively small wrist.  Tommy Lowe plainly stamped his name on the back.