• Randy Boyd wide Navajo Sterling cuff with Kingman turquoise. #1887

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    Here's another hard-to-forget, dazzling Navajo cuff.  Please keep in mind that everything we sell is Sterling silver.  We've been seeing a lot of nickel silver pieces crawl their way onto the internet lately, and we've even got a few inquiries as to such.  Thus the insertion of "Sterling" into the title above.  Rest assured, we neither buy nor sell items made with nickel silver.  Nickel silver actually has NO silver content whatsoever. As we say, "If it contains nickel, it ain't worth a dime (in our book anyway)!"  Anyway, this is a stellar beauty that is priced 'way too low.  It has a drop-dead gorgeous turquoise stone, and Randy Boyd did exceptional design work and silversmithing.  Total inside circumference—including the gap—is 6.75-inches.  It won't go any smaller or the gap will become too narrow, but it might go an eigth-inch larger.  Thus the wearer needs a 6.75-inch to a 6 and 7/8th's-inch wrist circumference, measured all the way around his or her wrist bone.  If it doesn't fit you must acquit.  It is a hair over two-inches across at the top, and tapers slightly to each end.  Weight is 124.7-grams, or 4.4-ounces.  Nice.  Hallmarked with backwards 'R' against a 'B.'  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.  International shipping costs are borne by purchaser.